Environment Setup

Navigate to the management console where you can generate API keys and assign identifiers specific to each tenant.

import requests
import json
import uuid
from random import randint
## Setup variables
caliber_api_key = "<CALIBER_API_KEY>";
## Once you are onboarded we will create a custom tenant_id for your organization
tenant_id = "<TENANT_ID>"
## You will have access to a sandbox environment for integration and testing. Go live will be production
environment = "sandbox"
api_version = "v1"
base_url = f"https://{tenant_id}.api.{environment}.platform.caliberexchange.com/api/{api_version}"
print(f"Tenant base URL: {base_url}")
Tenant base URL: https://{tenant_id}.api.sanbox.platform.poolit.com/api/v1

What’s Next