Instrument IdUnique identifier for the held instrument.
Party IdUnique identifier for the party owning the position.
Net Asset ValueCurrent market value of the position held.
Committed AmountOriginal investment amount committed to the instrument.
Distributed AmountTotal amount received from the realization of underlying investments.
Paid in AmountPortion of the committed amount that has been invested.
Total ReturnHolistic measure of return, encapsulating both current Net Asset Value and Distributed Amount. This metric provides insight into the overall performance, taking into account any decreases in Net Asset Value due to distributions.
Net GainProfit or loss, calculated as (Ending Net Asset Value + Distributions) - (Initial Net Asset Value + Paid-in Capital).
IRRInternal Rate of Return, calculated from the inception of the investment.
Portfolio PercentageProportion of the total account holdings that this investment represents.
Updated AtDate and time at which the holdings were last updated.