Instrument Lifecycle

This section presents essential information regarding the projected lifespan of the investment, breaking down the different phases of the fund's lifecycle. It identifies the lifecycle type and highlights the current stage of the investment's lifecycle.

Expected Investment DurationThe anticipated length of the investment, represented in ISO 8601 duration format (for example, "P10Y" means 10 years).
Lifecycle TypeThe category of lifecycle that the fund adheres to, such as "evergreen" or "closed-ended".
Current Lifecycle StageThe present stage of the fund's lifecycle, which could be "fundraising", "deployment", "harvesting", or "closed".
StagesThe stages defined for this instrument's investment lifecycle.


Stage TypeThe specific stage of the fund lifecycle, such as "fundraising", "deployment", "harvesting", or "closed".
Stage OrderThe sequence of lifecycle stages.
Subscription StateThe current state of the stage, indicating whether it is "open" or "closed".
Expected DurationThe estimated duration of a particular stage, expressed in ISO 8601 duration format.
 "lifecycle": {
    "expected_investment_duration": "P1Y6M", // 1.5 years
    "lifecycle_type": "evergreen",
    "current_lifecycle_stage": "fundraising",
    "stages": [
        "type": "fundraising",
        "ordering_key": "1",
        "expected_duration": "P1Y6M", 			// 1.5 years
        "subscription_state": "open",
        "type": "closed",
        "ordering_key": "2",
        "expected_duration": "P0Y",
        "subscription_state": "closed",