Investment Orders Signing

If the order status is "requires_signature," you must sign the order to initiate order processing. Upon signing an order, the accompanying packet — which includes subscription documents — will be signed.

order_sign_url = f"{base_url}/orders/{order_id}/sign"

headers = {
    "accept": "application/json",
    "caliber-api-key": caliber_api_key,
    "caliber-idempotency-key": str(uuid.uuid4()),
    "caliber-individual-id": party_id

order_sign_obj = {
    "initials": "JD",

order_sign_response =, headers=headers, json = order_sign_obj)

print(f"Start order processing:\n {json.dumps(order_sign_response.json(), indent = 2)}")
Start order processing:
  "initials": "JD",
  "signed_by_individual": "51a4fbbc-9bc4-43f8-8e3c-086c93a5ffea",
  "signed_at": "2023-06-22T16:49:43.483728Z",
  "metadata": null