Order Creation and Signing

For those preferring not to use the order intent flow, orders can be created directly. If validation errors occur, you will receive an API response containing the "requires_action" object with a bad request status code. Post creation of the order, the flow remains consistent for directly created investment orders or those originating from confirmed order intents.

Requires Signature

If the associated fund instrument mandates a signed subscription document, the order requires signing before processing.


An order enters the processing state as our order management processes, and in certain cases, transmits the orders to downstream fund administrators.


Once the order has been fully processed, it transitions to a terminal completed state. For capital paid over time, the order's funding schedule provides due dates for upcoming payments.


Orders can be canceled anytime before signing or while the fund instrument is still open to subscriptions.

Order Signing

Upon creating an order, the instrument might necessitate an explicit signature to move onto the next processing stage. When an order is signed, all relevant documents, including the subscription and PPM, are signed in conjunction.