The CaliberX Investment Order APIs are designed to streamline the management of investment orders across various instrument types, investment account types, and party types. These APIs make the process straightforward, whether you're dealing with investment orders necessitating the signing of subscription documents or not.

Order Intent and Order Creation

Order intent functions as a blueprint for creating an order. It empowers users to validate the order using the supplied inputs and provides detailed error reports for validation issues, encapsulated within the "requires action" object. Upon successful validation of the order intent, an order can be formed by confirming it.

Alternatively, our APIs offer the flexibility to create an order directly, bypassing the use of order intent. However, if validation errors occur, no stateful resource is created. Conversely, the order intent provides a stateful resource for order validation.

Data Model

Instrument IdUnique identifier of the fund instrument involved in the order
Party IdID identifying the individual placing the order
Order TypeSpecifies the nature of the order as either Buy or Sell
StatusCurrent status of the order: requires_action, requires_signing, pending, completed, or settled
Payment Method IdUnique identifier of the payment method linked to the party
PaymentsImmediate or capital call payment information
AmountTotal amount and currency of the order (currently, only USD is supported)
Net AmountFinal order amount after deducting any one-time fees
Requires ActionEnumerates any validations required on the instrument, party, account, order type, and minimum investment amount
FeesAny one-time fees incurred during the order placement process