The Parties API facilitates onboarding and ongoing management of different types of investor profiles. Investor profile types can either be an individual or more complex legal entities like IRAs, Trusts, LLCs, Partnerships, and more.

Investor Profile Information

Personal/Entity InformationBasic investor profile information for individuals or entities
Identity VerificationIdentity details to support KYC/KYB and AML verifications
Accredited VerificationDetails to support Accredited verifications
Authorized Signatory VerificationDetails of authorized signatories(discretion over investor profile) to support KYC/KYB and AML verifications
Verification DocumentsProvides secure file storage for parties to upload documents, including those for identity and accredited verification
Tax InformationIndividual or entity tax residency and tax forms information
Payment MethodsIndividual or entity funding accounts, utilized for investment orders and distributions
Additional InformationAdditional information as required by fund managers
AgreementsCaliberX terms of service and privacy policy attestation
Verification StatusIndicates the investors current standing regarding identity, accredited, and authorized signatory verifications
Ready to TradeIndicates that an investor can now trade on CaliberX. The ready to trade includes identity verification, tax information and payment method checks.
RelationshipsCaptures the hierarchy and roles of associated parties. For example, an individual might be linked with authorized signatories, or in the case of legal entities, it captures underlying beneficial owners

Investor Profile Data Workflows

Investor profile data is relayed to a range of downstream service providers to streamline investment operations. These providers encompass custodians, transfer agents, fund administrators, and banking-as-a-service partners, among others.

Account Set-Up and Association

Investor profiles play a pivotal role in both initiating and associating accounts with entities like custodians, transfer agents, and fund administrators. These linked accounts are foundational for seamless investment operations.

Regulatory Verification

Before embarking on trading activities, investors are mandated to undergo regulatory checks such as Know Your Customer (KYC), Know Your Business (KYB), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and accreditation verification. CaliberX simplifies these procedures, subsequently transmitting the verified data to the downstream providers.

Order Management

Investor profile information aids in the creation of subscription documents and other pertinent legal agreements. Once these documents are duly signed, both the documents and the related data are dispatched to downstream providers.

Payments Management

Investor profile-associated payment methods serve as the primary funding source for orders sent to fund administrators. Our payment reconciliation system leverages this investor profile data to seamlessly align and verify payments with fund custodians.

Consolidated Portfolio and Position Reports

Aggregate all positions linked to an investor profile from multiple fund administrators and custodians. This offers a streamlined view, making it a one-stop solution for reporting across the entire spectrum of alternative investments.

Unified Reporting Statements

Receive aggregated statements like trade confirmations, payment confirmations, quarterly summaries, and annual tax reports from transfer agents, fund administrators, and custodians for an investor profile. This consolidation ensures a single, comprehensive source for all reporting needs.


The payment methods linked with an investor profile are also the designated destinations for distributions from funds. This ensures that the profits or returns from investments are automatically directed to the investor's preferred method of receiving funds.