Tax Reporting

The reporting section outlines the tax reporting protocols for investors, which can differ across funds. Some funds issue a 1099 form, while others issue a K-1 form. This section also clarifies the frequency at which the fund instrument's market value is assessed and the Net Asset Value (NAV) is calculated.

Tax JurisdictionThe country or region that governs the tax reporting for the fund. Country is represented as a ISO 3611-1 alpha-2 code.
Tax Entity TypeThe legal entity structure of the fund for tax purposes.
Tax formThe type of tax document provided to investors for reporting purposes, usually a 1099 or a K-1.
Tax Year EndThe date marking the end of the fund's fiscal year for tax reporting.
NAV Strike FrequencyThe frequency at which the fund's Net Asset Value (NAV) is recalculated or 'struck'. This can be daily, monthly, quarterly, etc.
  "reporting": {
    "tax_jurisdiction": {
      "country": "string",
      "region": "string"
    "tax_entity_type": "registered_investment_company",
    "tax_form": "form_1099",
    "tax_year_end": "string",
    "nav_strike_frequency": "quarterly"