Access to the API is granted via API Keys which are created through the portal. The API Keys page lists all keys that have been created for your organization, including their name, a masked key, creation date, and an indication of whether this key has been revoked/expired.

Creating API keys

To create a new API key, log into your portal and navigate to the Developer > API Keys page. Once there, select “Create key”, and enter a descriptive key name.

After creation you will be provided the API Key.



This key will only be shown to you only once during creation. If you lose this key, it can not be recovered - a new key must be created and the old key must be revoked.

Making requests using API keys

In order to make an authenticated request that is authenticated with your API key, include it as an Authorization token header. In particular, each request should have a header of the following format:

Caliber-Api-Key: {key}

Where {key} is the key obtained during creation.

If you’d like to make API requests on behalf of a particular client (for example, to create/view orders from the perspective of an individual) you can provide an additional header specifying the ID of the individual you’d like to act as. This header should take the following format:

Caliber-Individual-Id: {individual_id}

All subsequent requests will be from the perspective of this Individual, so they will only be shown the accounts they have access to.