Payment Methods

Link your customers' preferred payment methods, which will primarily be utilized for distributions and investment orders.


At CaliberX, we prioritize secure transactions, especially given the substantial average funding amounts inherent with private equity and venture capital investments. Thus, we currently support wire payments for funding orders.


For streamlined operations, we also offer an option for bulk payments. This allows you to consolidate capital from all your investors and transfer a single aggregated wire payment to the fund custodian. We're here to tailor our services to best suit your needs.

Ready to Trade

For an investor profile to achieve a "Ready to Trade" status and commence order execution, several conditions must be met. A primary requirement is associating at least one payment method with the investor profile.

Investment Orders

The payment methods are incorporated into the generated subscription documents. This data is then forwarded to downstream providers, which include transfer agents and fund administrators.

Investment Reconciliation

Information from the payment method, such as the bank's name and account ID, plays a pivotal role in reconciling payments with the respective fund custodians.


Any distributions stemming from funds are channeled directly to the payment methods previously utilized to fund the investment orders.